Graphic design needs to wow and sell.
We provide graphic design services that work.

Your brand has a very important job to do. It has to be eye catching enough that people take notice.
Secondly, design has to convince customers that your products and services are worth their money.
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By combining great looking images and artwork with marketing strategy,
we strive to deliver content to our clients that will help increase their bottom line.

Design services we offer:

Logo Design

Your company logo is one of the most important branding investments a business can make. Your logo represents your entire brand to the outside world, so by using a badly designed logo you are in fact hurting your company's reputation. Think of your logo as the face of your company.

188 Worx

188 Worx contracted us to redesign their logo so they could stand out from the fly-by-night electrical companies in the North West

Addicted to Namibia

ATN Tours contracted us to redesign their logo to better reflect what they do and the direction that they want to take the company in.

MAP Legacy

MAP Legacy asked us for a logo design as they wanted to convey premium style to attract high quality clients towards their rent to buy vehicle options.

Company Profile Design

A company profile allows you to quickly show a wide range of people what your business are about.
A well written and designed company profile helps conveys corporate values and culture as well.

Commercial Advert Design

Adverts are used to show new or improved products by promoting the edge it has over their competitors.

188 Worx

188 Worx added new farming equipment to their existing product range to target commercial farmers. We designed the ad to introduce the equipment along with all its features and benefits.

FUEL Suppliments

FUEL needed a graphic poster that displays their unique selling point in a fresh direction, as well as drawing attention to their product branding to potential clients in gyms and nutrition shops.

Simply Pizza

Simply Pizza asked us to design a poster showing their promotional couple special for Valentines day. The poster message was clean and clear. It turned out as a success and it was easy enough that everyone understood it.

Free Range Graphic Design

Design is art with a job to do

We see graphic design as more than just pretty images, we see each
illustration as a chance to really connect with your target audience and convey your message.

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